Real estate is an industry that is known for being competitive. Those who want to enter the industry must study at a top university. There are many law programs that can help prepare students for a career in real estate.

Some of the country’s most prestigious colleges offer real estate law programs. The list includes both Columbia and NYU. It also includes schools such as the Universities of Wisconsin and South Carolina. Tulane University also offers top-notch real estate programs.

The Columbia Urban and Real Estate Law Society have helped put the school on the map. New York City, the site of Columbia University, is known as the worldwide capital of real estate. The school’s Law Society was formed to facilitate communication between students and professionals in the industry. Conferences, panels, and other events are often held to help bring together those who need guidance with those who can offer it.

At NYU, the Schack Institute of Real Estate is preparing to launch a program called Hirsch Scholars. Between 15 and 20 graduate students will be hand chosen for the program. These students will then be working to earn their Masters of Science in Real Estate. The program focuses specifically on real estate investments and finances.

The University of Wisconsin runs the James A. Graaskamp Center For Real Estate. Named after a long time real estate professor at the University, the program includes a Real Estate Investment Trust, managed by the enrolled students. Projects are often run in which students work one-on-one with a professional real estate agent.

At the University of South Carolina, students major in real estate attend the Darla Moore School of Business. It is the number two college real estate program in the entire country. Students can earn a Bachelors and or Master’s Degree in the Real Estate industry. Each professor in the program is also a practicing real estate agent, offering their student real-world field experience.

Future real estate developers often study at Tulane University. The A.B. Freeman School of Business offers dual degree programs for aspiring real estate professionals. Its Sustainable Real Estate Development degree is one that is not offered at any other college or university. Students enrolled in this program gain hands-on experience in the field.